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My interest in photography began at an early age.  I remember looking through my Mother's National Geographic magazines with such a sense of awe.  There was so much vibrancy in those images, one could feel as if they had actually visited the location themselves!  I was given my very first camera, the Polaroid Instamatic, for Christmas around that age.  I remember always having that camera on me.  I would take pictures of just about anything I felt looked kind of interesting, which at ten years old at $1/picture, means a lot!

I have taken many courses in photography; from those first days working in the dark room in high school, to understanding the advances in digital photography at U.C. Berkeley.  I learned many technical aspects of the art of photography during those times, but most of all, I learned the most by simply getting out there and taking pictures.

Photography has always been an important part of me.  It has provided me opportunities to travel to new places and meet interesting people.  I look forward to continuing my understanding and practice of the art of it.

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